Safe Driver Rewards by Open Road Drivers Plan
Drive safe and you'll start earning points


Earning points for Safe Driver Rewards is easy!

  • Quarterly Bonus Points
  • New Member Enrollment


Quarterly Bonus Points

are awarded for each quarter (every three months) of safe driving*.
Any driver that hasn't filed a claim with Open Road Drivers Plan qualifies.



Annual Safe Driving Bonuses

are given for 12 consecutive months of safe driving.
Point totals increase for each consecutive year of safe driving!



Milestone Anniversary Bonuses

are awarded for 3, 5, 7 and 10 years of consecutive membership



Direct To Us Bonuses

are given if you leave a carrier and continue coverage directly with Open Road Drivers Plan.



Chrome Status

drivers have exhibited the ultimate in safety and their membership is on us! Drivers that have been members for 10 years with a clean driving record will be granted Chrome status and will receive a one time point bonus of 5,000 points and will also no longer be required to pay a monthly/annual fee for their Open Road Drivers Plan membership. Chrome drivers or their spouses will be permitted up to three tickets that will be covered complimentary by Open Road Drivers Plan's team of CDL attorneys. The third ticket will result in the driver losing Chrome Status and the complimentary coverage that goes with it. Chrome status drivers will continue to receive quarterly point rewards for safe driving.

*Quarterly points will not be granted for the following conditions: We hire an attorney on a drivers behalf (regardless of outcome of citation); we hire an attorney on behalf of a drivers spouse (regardless of the outcome of the citation); driver requires bonding or bail. Any of the above scenarios will also result in loss of annual safe driving bonus. Drivers will start earning points again for the first run quarter (three months) of safe driving. Annual Safe Driving bonus mark will restart at that point in time.